The introduction of Xinlun brand visual identity system and promotion meeting was successfully held

2021.11.19 Source:Xinlun

In order to unify and standardize the application of Xinlun New Material's brand visual identity system (hereinafter referred to as VI system), a more in-depth interpretation of the contents of the "Brand Visual Identity System Specification Manual", to improve the headquarters function center and each subsidiary's understanding of the importance of the VI system, To further shape the good image of Xinlun, the company held the VI system introduction and promotion meeting on November 12th. Liao Yao, Chairman and President of Xinlun New Materials Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and gave a speech. More than 100 people including the heads of the headquarters function center and relevant persons in charge of various subsidiaries participated in the training and learning on site and by video.


Chairman Liao Yao pointed out that in the past few months since Xinlun has started to build a new brand image, a brand new brand image has been presented to us. Looking back at the development process of Xinlun in the past 20 years, we hope that the new brand image can open up Xinlun. The new journey takes the introduction of new brands as an opportunity to create a new future together.


From the three aspects of "the essence of the brand, the origin and cognition of VI, the design concept and application implementation of Xinlun VI", Li Jun, partner of Huasi, combined with vivid and interesting cases, and explained the VI system knowledge and usage specifications in a simple and profound way. Detailed introduction. Participants listened carefully, and the publicity and implementation achieved good results.




Xu Shiying, the person in charge of the brand management department, said that the Xinlun brand is an important intangible asset of the company. Brand building is everyone's responsibility and everything is related. We must deeply feel the power of the brand, interpret the intrinsic value of the brand with behavior, and make the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.



The brand visual identification system is an important tool to use unified and standardized visual symbols to spread Xinlun's operating philosophy, establish Xinlun's popularity, and shape Xinlun's brand image. This training deepened the understanding of the importance of brand image building among all members of the company, and improved the uniformity and standardization of the application of Xinlun VI system. In the future, we will continue to promote the scientific and standardized implementation of the VI system to lay a solid foundation for Xinlun to build a well-known domestic and international brand.

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